Art, Soul–weaving the Art part and the God part of our lives together. Are you curious to explore the meaning of this? Or, do you already understand and smile inside yourself when you read it?

Welcome to the space where we can discover and celebrate the weaving together in an artful and soulful journey. Thank you for taking time to join me here at Art, Soul.

Artist, writer, dramatist, musician, educator; I’ve always referred to myself as a “fractured creative.” In my early process of map-making for my life, I struggled with the frustration of wanting to embrace all the arts, yet knowing I was called to share my soul in spiritual pursuits. How could I have it all? Was that even possible? The colorful dimension of art + the spiritual dimension of God =?

Learning to weave the two together, the Art part and the God part of my life, was a revelation that changed everything. For me, there can’t be one without the other. The weaving creates a perfect tapestry; a beautiful thing.

Please, join me in mark-making that is not only satisfying but imprints the world with the beauty and healing of the Arts, woven together with the beauty and healing of God for our souls.

At Art, Soul you will be invited into creative conversations, explore many art forms, ruminate truths, and learn how weaving the Art part and the God part of our lives together can change the Writing on the Wall for others and ourselves. Who are you as a Creative or Mark Maker? Let’s find out together.

Ready to weave,



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